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One of the biggest concerns often arising within entrepreneurial set-ups is how to handle all the back office work that keeps the Back Office business engine ticking and helps enterprises maintain their competitive edge. Having Intelegencia on board to manage a company’s virtual office support services comes with its own set of benefits. All of a sudden, these concerns seem lesser as if they are already on track of being resolved.

Intelegencia riding on its experience of having provided virtual office support services to clients for years now makes sure that all of these issues bothering companies are resolved fast. Companies get to focus on things that matter more.

Intelegencia answers the aforementioned concerns through its Back Office Support Services in the following ways:

  • It helps clients reduce over-head costs, one of the main factors impeding business growth.
  • All of Intelegencia’s virtual office support services offerings including data entries and transcriptions are made with utmost accuracy to ensure that the quality and precision of information remains intact.
  • Other back office support services offerings such as image processing, indexing, updation, feed submissions etc. ensure that clients have little to worry about and get to keep their businesses running freely.

What are part of Intelegencia’s Back Office Services?

Our Back Office team works round the clock to deliver customised solutions as per the requirements of our clients.

Data Entries: Our work in this department includes making accurate data entries, maintaining information and posting regular updates.

Data Capturing: Our ability to leverage various resources and advanced tools enables us to research and analyse data properly and subsequently present it to clients in a form they find easy to understand.

Transcriptions: Our strong support team captures accurate location details related to specific geographies, updating information, data conversion and offline transcriptions.

Regular Knowledge Sharing: Our work ethic includes regular knowledge sharing with clients as per a mutually agreed timeframe to enhance operating system procedures.

Why is Intelegencia good at Back Office Support Services?

  • It has a team of highly competent back office analysts.
  • They have been handling back office related work for many years now, thoroughly familiar with all the processes involved to make business productive for clients.
  • Being one of the company’s core service offerings, a lot of success earned over the years has been because of some outstanding work done in this department.
Back Office

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